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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Do you only offer programmes for the nursery school children and their teachers?

No. We offer a range of programmes. The word Kindergarten is of German Origin: “kinder” meaning children and “garten” meaning garden. Therefore, the word Kindergarten means "children's garden". According to Convention on the Rights of the Child, The African Charter and the Children's Act 2001, a child means every human being below the age of eighteen years. We are therefore the experts in children’s garden (0-18 years including youths).

 Q2. How do Children and Youths, School directors, NGOs, government agencies, parents, nannies and other stakeholders who are directly or indirectly dealing with children’s development come in handy in your programmes?
Our mission is to promote and support in the global community through training and capacity building, holistic development of children from conception through early adulthood, and influence the professional growth of caregivers and the efforts of others who are committed to the needs of children in a changing society.

To us, children are like seeds that are planted, germinate, grow and bring forth mature and ripe fruits. Our role is therefore, to assist gardeners (the entire group named above) to nurture the children (seeds) in a well prepared land (society of people with good morals that enhances holistic development) since whatever a gardener do to a plant, will determine if the plant either grows to maturity or withers and die.

Q3. Does your TEACHER DEVELOPMENT programme cover both Primary and Secondary school teachers?
Absolutely!!! We offer teacher development training for Nursery class teachers’ up to Secondary school teachers’. Refer to A1 above; a child is defined as every human being below the age of eighteen years. From Nursery school level up to secondary school level, the caregivers (teachers) handle children. If all are trained, it will enable us realise our vision which is, “Every child in every nation will have access to a comprehensive care to foster holistic development: (child’s survival, protection, developmental and participation rights). This will prepare children to become focused, responsible and engaged citizens and ready them for life in a changing world.”

Q4. How do you deliver your training programmes?
Our tailor made training programmes last for two days. We partner with institutions and individual clients and offer the trainings at an agreed venue convenient for our clients. For institutions, we provide in-house trainings for them at subsidized rates based on their choice. Our focus is, “In everything we do, in every life we influence, it is the individuals who matter.” We ask our clients to identify their felt needs first and work with them to design specific and sustainable solutions to address these identified felt needs.

Q5. Do you issue a Certificate of participation after one undertakes a training programme?
Sure we do. A personalized certificate of accomplishment is provided to every participant upon successful completion of any of our programmes.