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Self Deception:
Self Deception is little understood, yet it reduces the effectiveness of every leader and employee. Whether an individual or an organization is very successful or in major need of a turn around, self deception will be reducing the effectiveness of the people’s ability to generate results.
We all know there is something deeper than just the words and actions we use and we know that this deeper something matters a lot. Managers, co-workers, employees, teachers, parents, children, sales people, and clients - all know this. Some call it motivation, others call it attitude. For some it is presence, while for others, authenticity.  And everyone knows that when this deeper thing, whatever it is, is off in some way - when one’s attitude is poor, for example, or when one is not being authentic with others - this deep deficiency undercuts the effectiveness of everything that we do as an individual, team or organization.
However, understanding this deeper something has been elusive and hard to pin down. Luckily, Kindergarten Experts International has a language and approach that illuminates this deeper way of being and offers a process of harnessing and cultivating this within every individual leading to astonishing results.

Competitive Advantage:
Every individual enrolled in our programmes will be able to achieve deep, lasting results that their competition cannot mimic or copy, as the changes they will achieve are based at a deeper level that cannot be easily seen or understood from the outside although they can be felt in key areas of any individual’s personal and professional development. Kindergarten Experts International enhances the power of their greatest asset to establish real competitive advantage.

Solving the problem of Self-Deception:
Simply stated, self-deception is the problem of not knowing and resisting the possibility that one has a problem, or contributes to problems. In other words, most people feel that others cause problems, but few people feel that they themselves cause them. Hence, problems persist and efforts to change fail, as those that really need to change think others are to blame.

How does Kindergarten Experts International help their Clients see something they are unwilling to see?
This is the central challenge created by the problem of self-deception and the challenge that Kindergarten Experts International programmes are designed to overcome.

Our programmes are developed and refined and creates an environment where people are invited to see their own involvement in problems and to take on full responsibility for results.