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Our Contribution:

Kindergarten Experts International has been built and raised around key issues that touch on children’s holistic development. We have the pleasure and courage to let you know that through our outstanding programmes (trainings,mentoring and consultancy services) we impact lives of individuals from the household level to the global arena.

We have made great contributions both at country level and global level by addressing the key concerns affecting children’s holistic development. At the country level, we train and plan our programmes in-line with Vision 2030 as part of our contribution for a better country thereafter. At the global level, we follow and implement various result documents that touch on children’s holistic development.

Our contributions here therefore include contribution to;


This was an outcome document that expresses the rights that children enjoy. It has so far been accepted by 193 countries.
Today, we contribute to the CRC by obeying:

Article1 which states that a child means every being below the age of eighteen (18) years unless under the law applicable to the child. Our programmes are children focused and we approach that by training the children themselves, teachers, parents and other caregivers including institution managers and administrators.

Article 3 (i) also states that the best interest of the child shall be a primary consideration by whoever undertaking it. In our services, we do take children interests a primary consideration and that is why we exist. We do train and empower children to express themselves well and articulately which is an emphasis in Article 13 of the CRC which includes freedom to seek, receive and impact information and ideas of all kinds. At Kindergarten Experts International (KEI), you will realize that, this is in line with our vision and mission statements.

Since Article 28 requires the states to recognize the right of the child to education and with a view to achieving this right progressively and on the basis of equal opportunity, we at Kindergarten Experts International offer this education through well designed developmentally appropriate programmes that promotes the holistic development of children. At the same time, we offer our programmes to the children on equal opportunity.

We also agree with Article 29 (a) which states that education of the child shall be directed to the development of the child’s personality, talents, mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential. In fact, we also go ahead to include nannies in our programmes to achieve this requirement since they tend to spend a lot of time with the children as they grow than the children’s real parents do in some cases.

We also educate children to prepare them for a responsible adulthood and life in a free society, in the spirit of  understanding, peace, tolerance, equality of sexes, and religious groups and persons of indigenous origin and on the other hand development of respect for the natural environment as stated in Article 29 (d) and (e) respectively.



A World Fit for Children is an outcome document on children adopted at the UN General Assembly. In its declaration, the World Summit for the children leaders made a joint commitment and issued an urgent, universal appeal to give every child a better future.

Our programmes are designed to see every child to a better future with every support they need from those around them. Hence our slogan,“a better world for children”

We as Kindergarten Experts International acknowledge the voice of all children by making our priority through our programmes which target their holistic development. In the same statement, (through Ms. Gabriela Azurduy Arrieta and Ms. Audrey Cherynut, the delegates representing the children’s Forum) the children said that they see the provision of education;

i.    in a school environment in which children feel happy about learning;
We contribute to this statement (the voice of the children) by enabling the environment through capacity building of the teachers and school management. On the other hand, we also help the children manage their expectations through our programme that is tailored for children.

ii.    where education for life goes beyond the academic and includes lessons in understanding human rights, peace, acceptance and active citizenship;

At KEI, we offer education that goes beyond class experience. On the other hand, our education grows with the children through adulthood as parents and caregivers.

iii.    where  there is active participation of children as their awareness is raised and respected among people of all ages about every child’s right to full and meaningful participation, in the spirit of the convention on the rights of the child.

We enable this by directly training the children and those around them on effective ways of enhancing and promoting the holistic development of children. These include, the teachers, parents, nannies and care givers and on the vulnerable end, the youths.

We are also in line with the 7th paragraph by joining the call for all members of society to join  in a global movement that will help build a world fit for children through upholding our commitment to the following highlighted principles and objectives;

1. Put children first:

In all actions related to children, the best interest of the children shall be a primary consideration. All the programmes at Kindergarten Experts International puts the best interest of the children a primary consideration while planning and executing.

2. Poverty eradication:

By investing in children we admit and affirm that investment in children and the realization of their rights are among the most effective ways to eradicate poverty.
Through our Children and Youth development programmes, we equip children with knowledge, skills and attitudes for setting realistic and achievable goals in life, a key to poverty reduction through economic empowerment. This is also in line with the Millennium Development Goal 1 (MDG 1).

3. Leave no child behind:

Our programmes are offered for the well-being of children right from conception. We acknowledge the life of the zygote as human life and advocate for the promotion of holistic development by training parents and other caregivers on the best practices to undertake during pre-natal, perinatal as well as postnatal stages of development in order to bring out the best in every child.

4. Care for every child:

Children must get the best possible start in life. Through our programmes, we advice on best practices to follow while planning activities for children including feeding programmes, advocating for promotion and adherence to the Primary Health Care (PHC) principles among other factors so as to enhance effective care to each and every child fully.
We also advocate for holistic development of children through provision of fun-filled, educative, experiential, entertaining and motivational training programmes to ensure you learn and retain many new skills that benefit you both personally and professionally. This will help steer an immediate improvement in behaviour and attitudes in you - key factors in determining holistic development.

5. Protect children from harm and exploitation:

Children must be protected against any act of violence, abuse, exploitation and discrimination among others. We enhance this by providing the relevant training programmes to all stakeholders who are directly or in directly involved in the promotion of the holistic development of children. We advice on best practices to use such as alternatives to physical punishment, precautions to take so as not to make children become vulnerable to either harm or exploitation among others.

6. Listen to children and ensure their participation:

Children and adolescents are resourceful citizens capable of helping to build a better future for all. We train to respect their right to express themselves and to participate in all matters affecting them, in accordance with their age and maturity. Our programmes aim at enhancing full participation of children and to promote an understanding of children’s holistic development and advice on the necessary support to be offered to children by all care givers.

SOURCE: A WORLD FIT FOR CHILDREN (A World Fit for Children.)