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Children and Youth Programmes:

•    Do feelings of inadequacy prevent your child or prevent you as a child or a youth from taking on new challenges?

•   Do the actions, thoughts and feelings of your peers’ often influence your behaviour and sometimes undermine your confidence as a child or a youth?

•   Does discouragement over past blunders hold your child back from moving on or hold you back from moving on as a child or a youth?

•  If so, how can you come to terms with your failures – real or perceived as a child or a youth?

You have everything to gain by finding answers to the above questions and much more revolving around optimal development of you as a child or a youth. The good news is that, people who can put their mistakes in perspective, who are able to get up and move on are termed as resilient individuals. They are more likely to succeed in life since they effectively know how to handle challenges in their lives.

At Kindergarten Experts International we envision a world where all children and youth are inspired to believe in themselves and their abilities and are nurtured through empowerment to reach their full potential and realize all their dreams.
To this end, we have designed SETTING MYSELF FOR GREATNESS (Levels I and II) course and THE SMART YOUTH (Levels I and II) course for Children and Youths respectively.

While young, we do have big dreams! Big dreams I tell you! For example, most of us aspire to become doctors, pilots, neurosurgeons, et cetera, when they grow up. But, have you ever done analysis to find out how many realize these dreams when they become grown-ups? The absolute answer would be a very small percentage. So then, where do our big dreams go to when we grow up? It is simple. It is due to of lack of clear guidance and focus right from early childhood years. Does this fact bother you? Worry no more. This is why we are here; to help all young people to set realistic and achievable goals right from early childhood years through early adulthood and to remain focused, motivated and inspired to realize their dreams because in every person, there is a unique hidden potential that once unlocked and tapped, the dream becomes a reality.
Today’s children and youths are faced with many problems which are not aligned to a specific race, nation or religious group, but affect young people globally.  They include:

  • career guidance,
  • education,
  • drug abuse,
  • school to work transition,
  • identity issues,
  • violence,
  • crime,
  • leadership,
  • sexuality issues and
  • povert, et cetera.

Consequently, with each sunrise, new challenges continue to afflict our children and youths. Among them include:

•    An identity crisis: WHO AM I?
•    Confusion and ambiguity concerning moral issues: (CHOICE BETWEEN WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG?)
•    Everybody is doing it, why not me? PEER PRESSURE.
•    The negative impact of print and electronic media: ENTERTAINMENT.
•    Competitiveness in the job market: (SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURAL SKILLS AND INTERVIEW TIPS).

This unique programme is open to children aged from 3 years through 18 years, school leavers and college students through carefully designed developmentally appropriate activities to help children and youth to:

•    Learn the power of goal setting and focus.
•    Deal with peer pressure, drug abuse, HIV/ AIDS, et cetera.
•    Develop outstanding self confidence and self esteem.
•    Acquire successful entrepreneurial skills and outstanding interview tips.
•    Improve studying and exam preparation skills.
•    Dramatically improve school grades.
•    Develop great attitude and behavior.
•    Grow healthy empowering relationship with self, family, friends and teachers.
•    Acquire effective leadership skills.
•    And much more.