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Effective Parenting:

Your family’s success is largely dependent on the type of parenting skills you use.

  • Are you getting the results you want from the parenting skills you are currently using?
  • Would you like to best improve your parenting skills a notch higher for outstanding results?
  • Would you like to be the outstanding parent for your family and leave a good story to be told about you?

These are questions that nearly every parent or those people aspiring to become parents around the world are asking themselves with each passing minute. Definitely, the answer to all these questions and others revolving around the issue of effective parenting is a yes. Everyone wants to be an effective parent.

You have got the potential to become an outstanding parent. Just commit now to holding yourself to a standard higher than anyone else could possibly expect, be flexible as you learn, explore and discover with us in our educative fun filled motivational effective parenting programme: TRANSFORMING PARENTING CULTURE FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS (Levels I and II) course.

With your dedication and determination, we assure you that you will better your parenting skills and transform your life and the life of your family within no time. You will realize the unfolding truth of effective parenting; a journey of self-discovery that will deepen and sweeten with your child or children even as you open the wellspring of your heart.

In fact, there is nothing more fulfilling than raising a child to be a humane adult who will go out in the world and share his or her strengths with others, while being psychologically savvy enough to know which people to invite into his or her life and which are better to avoid.  So, take action now and make an impact on your family. Leave a positive long-lasting impression in the lives of your family members.

This programme is designed to help you among other things to:

•    Understand child development so as to avoid using blame, shame and reactive parenting in raising up your child or children.
•    Learn how to train your child or children on etiquette and good manners, for example, table manners, bathroom and toilet manners e.g., potty training in the best way ever among others.
•    Care for your unborn baby/ pregnancy.
•    Spice up the relationship between you and your family members.
•    Be more compassionate and responsive towards your child or children.
•    Understand and effectively handle problems of home to school transition.
•    Manage a child’s difficult temperament or behavior.
•    Improve and better your parenting skills.
•    Learn how to balance between work and family development issues.
•    Stimulate early learning in your children.
•    Handle sibling rivalry in the family
•    Deal with discipline issues effectively.