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Outstanding Child Care Services:

 •    Are you getting the results you want from the child caring skills you are currently using?
•    Do you have difficulties in caring for children aged 5 years and below?
•    Would you like to learn with the experts and best improve your skills and become the best child care the world had ever seen?

Absolutely! Book your chance now and enroll in our great programmes with the experts in child care practices.
THE SUPER NANNY (Levels I and II) course is designed for the individuals who have dedicated their lives to care for children aged below 5 years such as house helps, day care centre workers, et cetera. It equips them with basic skills on how to care for these great lovely angels. As matter of fact, there is nothing like leaving your child in the care of someone you trust. This frees you to relax and have a great time. It also allows you to rejuvenate yourself.

THE ULTIMATE CAREGIVER (Levels I and II) course is designed for care givers in children’s homes, hospitals, etc to equip them with basic skills to enhance children’s holistic development.

This programme is designed to help the care giver to:

•    Understand child development so as to effectively design developmentally appropriate practices for children under your care.
•    Stimulate early learning in children under your care.
•    Stimulate holistic development in children under your care.
•    Prepare children for future development.
•    Learn basic pediatric First Aid skills.
•    Develop good public relation skills.
•    Acquire effective communication skills.
•    And much more.