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Teacher Development Programmes (TDP):

•    Are you getting the results you want from your teachers or teaching career?
•    Do your teachers have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and drive of world class teachers?
•    Would you like to be a head of the competition in the teaching / education career?

Absolutely! Your teachers have got the potential to become outstanding achievers in their teaching career. We have designed a unique market driven Teacher Development Programme: UNLOCK YOUR TEACHING POTENTIAL (Levels I and II) COURSE that will help your teachers unlock their true potential and will see them achieve outstanding results beyond their wildest imagination and turn your institution(s) into a world class centre of excellence. They will learn and model among other things, outstanding teaching and learning skills used by the top successful teachers around the world.

As matter of fact, the ever changing educational trends have led every institution to look for quality teachers with the ultimate aim of meeting educational expectations of students, parental satisfaction and sustainable economic development. While acknowledging that the falling educational standards are revolving around various factors such as; teachers (workforce), students, change in curriculum, poverty,  Information Communication and Technology (ICT), HIV/ AIDS, political factors, change in policies among others, it is worth noting that the starting point in addressing these needs is by investing in the right workforce (teachers). This investment is focused above all on enhancing their knowledge, skills and attitudes to be at par with the prevailing current challenges. It is in this regard, that we designed this market driven Teacher Development Programme to bridge this gap by addressing these challenges through training, mentorship, consultancy and capacity building with the aim of restoring the glory of quality education to all – a key to rapid and effective global development.

The Teacher Development Programme (TDP) is designed to equip teachers with modern pedagogical skills to produce all – round teachers who will among other things:

•    Create an effective learning environment.
•    Handle problems with transition (from home to pre-school and from pre-school to primary school)
•    Be highly motivated and show interest in their work.
•    Effectively and efficiently deal with learning difficulty problems.
•    Steer effective teaching and learning.
•    Handle discipline issues effectively.
•    Develop great self awareness and self esteem.
•    Cultivate positive attitudes for maximum productivity.
•    Set priorities and remain focused on what matters most.
•    Make better and more informed decisions.
•    Overcome self defeating habits, beliefs and insecurities.
•    Develop effective ways of keeping on improving.